When we have a past (trauma)

Please be mindful of when you are ready to push on and when you will benefit from self-soothing.

Journal prompts:

Are you surprised to know that past issues that have been dealt with may come up again as we go through new chapters of our lives? Is this something you were already anticipating? How might this impact you?

Would you want to talk to your midwife or OB about having past trauma and how they can better respect your boundaries? What could be triggering for you? What could soothe you in that situation? Is there someone you trust to help when you feel triggered? How can you create safety?

What do you think about becoming a mother/father/parent? What do you think about YOUR mother/father/parent and how they raised you?

Want to read more?

Here is an article on the courage to parent when you have a history of trauma.

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